Monday, June 10, 2013

It Really Is A Mad World

When you sit back and take it all in, what else can you think?

Don't know how we all don't just lose it more often than we do. Me? All I've ever thought to do was just keep on keepin' on...

And, when someone tries tell to tell me how it really is and that maybe I just don't get it, I tell 'em, "Buddy, I've been watching the same movie you have. Maybe I joined it a little later in the story than you, but I think I've got a pretty decent grasp of what's going on."

Or maybe not...


  1. Odd that I stumble my inebriated self here listening to Tears for Fears, I was not aware (or maybe I was and forgot) you ran another blog. I am considering doing the same or pw protecting posts for sanity sake. Or rather for the sake of the in-laws not knowing the inner workings if a somewhat brilliant mind.

    Playing the 'game' and seeing how things'really' are kinda depends on the player I suppose. Will stop by here more often.

  2. Thanks for stopping by here, Susie. Actually, this is my true brain-fart blog...